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North Dakota Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting Your Freedom, Finances and Future

Being charged with a crime can put your entire life on hold.  It can threaten your employment, your right to live where you choose, even your freedom.  My goal as your criminal defense lawyer is to protect your rights, fight the charges against you and minimize the effect the charges has on your day to day life. 

The unfortunate reality is that when you are charged with a crime, the system is set up to find you guilty.  The prosecutors are not searching for truth; they are searching for a high conviction rate. Without an attorney, it can be very difficult to get the judge, jury or prosecutor to truly hear your side of the story. 

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You

An attorney’s job is to navigate someone through the criminal defense process.  There are times that involves fighting the charges because there is insufficient or questionable evidence that you did what you are being accused of.  There are other times where the evidence against the accused is very strong, and the attorney’s job is to work with the prosecutor or judge to negotiate a guilty plea, either to a lesser charge or in exchange for a lightened sentence or punishment.

Why Hire Patrick Waters as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Attorney Waters started his career as a very effective prosecutor.  This experience gives him an in-depth insight to the how criminal defense courts operate.  When you hire Patrick Waters to defend your case, his understanding of how the other side operates becomes your advantage.  Whether it’s working to have the charges reduced or preparing for trial Patrick will be by your side at every step to get the best possible outcome to your case.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, do not wait another day.  Contact Patrick Waters today for a free initial consultation to begin the process of defending your rights.  He will answer your questions and help you see the path towards putting your charges behind you.