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Facing a divorce is never easy; not only does it bring about significant life changes, there are also challenging legal, financial and emotional processes that you will go through in the coming years and months.  The lawyer you choose can make a dramatic impact not only on the outcome of your divorce, but also on the amount of financial, emotional, psychological and other costs you are faced with during the process.  As your lawyer my primary goal is to arm you with the correct information and help you manage expectations as we work together towards the best possible outcome for you and your family. 

The Divorce Process

The actual divorce process is not that complex; it’s just a matter of resolving a few key issues.  However, when those issues include dividing marital assets, agreeing on financial support and how custody of any minor children will be shared things can get complicated quickly.  At the very beginning of the divorce process I will talk to you about what to expect as well as an estimated timeline.  The key to working through the divorce process is knowing what issues to compromise as well as knowing where we need to hold our ground.  It’s OK to disagree with your spouse, but it’s also very important that both people involved in the divorce are making a reasonable effort to work towards resolution.  Unjustified conflict is extremely expensive, both financially and emotionally, and only prolongs the divorce process.

The 4-step divorce process.

“Aggressive” Promises vs. The Realities of Divorce

If you have spoken to a few divorce lawyers, or even looked through ads you’ll likely see promises of “aggressive representation” and lots of similar tough talk.  There are some difficult realities that anyone who is facing a divorce needs to understand, and one of them is that it’s unlikely that you’ll get everything you want.  There are guidelines about shared custody, financial support and asset division that need to be followed for the North Dakota family law courts to approve and finalize your divorce agreement.  Be careful of lawyers who over-promise when they’re trying to get you to sign-up, and they are almost certain to under-deliver when it matters.

Shared Custody – The Best Interest of the Child

Like most states, the standard for how shared custody will be determined is to do what is in the best interest of any minor children.  We will work to get a plan in place that defines the shared responsibility of the parents to ensure the children are taken care of.  There are many issues to consider when determining custody, such as:

  • Each parent’s work schedule and availability to the children
  • The primary living space of each parent after the divorce
  • Where the kids are currently going to school
  • Extra-curricular activities like sports, music and other lessons and which parent will be responsible to handle transportation to and from.