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Free Consultation

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My goal as an attorney, from our first contact through when your legal issue is resolved, is to make sure you understand and feel as comfortable as possible with the process.  Whether you are facing a divorce, have been charged for a DUI or are looking at filing bankruptcy, you are about to go through a legal process.  These legal processes are designed to be difficult to get through.  My job is to guide you through the process, help you understand the decisions you are making and do what I can to guide you to the best outcome.

How Do You Choose the Right Lawyer?

Most of the people I work with have never hired a lawyer before and tend to feel overwhelmed by the process.  They have found themselves faced with a legal situation that is likely causing a lot of stress, and now the weight of choosing the right lawyer piles on even more stress.  My goal is to make the process of choosing an attorney as easy as possible.  You can call me or meet me in my office with zero cost and no obligation to move forward.  I will answer your questions as accurately as possible and explain how I can help.  If you feel good about working with me, I can explain what’s next, if not, I hope that you leave our meeting with a better understanding of your legal issue and how to resolve it.

What Happens After the Free Consultation?

If you decide that you would like to hire me as your lawyer, I will provide you with the following:

  • An easy to understand fee agreement so you know how much you must pay and when.
  • A roadmap / timeline of what the key steps are and what to expect at each one
  • A few basic pieces of homework to ensure that I have the information I need to provide you with the best representation possible.